Inhawi - the unique boutique hostel


Think of the word `hostel` and the most unpleasant images come to mind, cold, dark, dank and dirty. This is the reputation of hostels the world over. Inhawi Boutique Hostel on the other hand is starting to turn the tide on such a negative reputation. Once you`ve stayed at Inhawi, it will be impossible to think badly of hostels again! 

Firstly, situated in Balluta Bay in St. Julian`s, Inhawi has the perfect location to entice those of us who love a sea view, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Balluta Bay is an affluent area in Malta and Inhawi fits right in with its fashionable exterior. Formerly a nunnery and girls school, the building boasts its history in high ceilings, Maltese brickwork and lovely music to let you know its alive and kicking. 

The rooms at Inhawi are spacious so they won`t give you the feeling that you`re sleeping on top of a stranger. Rooms are also segregated by gender to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Expect a good-sized bed, table and chairs with some rooms being ensuite so you can shower in peace. Underneath bottom bunks you`ll find large drawers fitted with locks to secure your belongings. The rooms are also cleaned regularly which few other hostels can boast. In the rising temperatures of Malta there is air-conditioning so you can always relax in your room if you don`t want to venture out. 

In the main building, there is a fully stocked kitchen with a fridge and cooking utensils if you want the feeling of a home away from home. This often acts as a central meeting point for guests who want to mingle with other residents and make new friends from all over the world. There is a larger seating area with a flat screen television and even a section to sit with your laptop and surf the world wide web. Did we mention the free wifi?

Outside, don`t be surprised by the pool. It`s real, it`s free for you to use and if a barbecue takes place at the same time, just go with it. For the quiet types you can sit in the garden thinking about your existence under the glow of the lemon trees. A free breakfast is available every morning around the front in what will be a bar for the face of Inhawi. Breakfast is thoughtfully prepared and will set you up for any day in Malta, cereal, toast, ham, bread, cheeses, fruit and the ever popular tea and coffee.

The reception is open twenty-four seven so there`s always someone on hand to greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. Employees are very knowledgeable so there`s nothing they don`t know about the surrounding area, what to do, where to go and how to navigate the island.

Inhawi is unique and is leading the way on a new type of hostel which gives you the bug and makes you want to travel again.