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Create a profile on Lovemaltabookings. Choose accommodation according to your preference. Complete the form then send an enquiry. The manager of the property will read your enquiry and reply to you via the Lovemaltabookings page. It will be between you and the property manager to negotiate and agree a deal. For example, you might agree to pay on arrival or he or she will send you a direct link to book the accommodation on their own website.

Attention: Customers should not send any online payments on Lovemaltabookings. You will pay the property manager through their preferred method. When this is completed, the manager of the property will send you a notification email via the Lovemaltabookings page. You will find this in your email address. This notification email is not proof of payment.

Create a profile on Lovemaltabookings. Edit your property according to the type of the property you are listing for example, how many rooms are available and the types of rooms you are offering. This can all be under one profile. When customer(s) find your profile on our website, they will fill in a form which states their needs. You will receive this enquiry on Lovemaltabookings in My Bookings List. How you handle this enquiry is between you and the customer(s). If you agree on terms with the customer(s) then this booking needs to be made on your own systems. Additionally, you and the customer(s) must also agree on payment between you. Lovemaltabookings is not involved in this process.

By confirming the booking on Lovemaltabookings the customer(s) will receive an email. This is not proof of payment from customer(s).

Attention: Direct payments are not made on Lovemaltabookings. You must agree on payment directly with the customer(s).

As a registered user, searching for accommodation, you will not pay any fees on LovemaltaBookings. Owners of accommodation should offer you great deals and you will pay for booking directly with them.

You need to be a registered user to contact your chosen type of accommodation. Choose your preferred accommodation, choose your dates of arrival and departure, send your enquiry and wait for a response. You will receive a competitive offer and discuss all the necessary details with the owner/manager of the property.

We offer a free 2 month trial in which you will receive communication from customers looking for your type of accommodation. Any transaction at this time will be between you and your customers. After the trial period is over you need to continue to be registered with us, to be visible you will need to pay for our services. New Privacy protection will therefore apply.

If you wish to create a tailored deal for your property or accommodation then fill in the form on the Advertising page according to your needs.

Do you have other questions not answered here? Email us at hello@lovemaltabookings.com